MRCEA: Minnesota Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association


Minnesota Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association

Who Can Become a Member

Membership includes Rehabilitation Counselors, Rehabilitation Educators, Counselor Supervisors and Superiors, Researchers in Rehabilitation Counseling and Students in a Rehabilitation Counselor Education Program. This is the largest division in NRA and we are looking to grow membership in Minnesota.

Why Join?

To promote updated and ethical practice techniques and inform members about relevant issues related to contemporary rehabilitation.

To Advocate for the importance of professional certifications like CRC.

To set up and sponsor networking and training opportunities for continuing education. Sponsorship and Development Include sponsoring speakers that address areas that are directly relevant to MRCEA Members at MRA Conferences.

To provide opportunities to learn more about MRA and ways to improve leadership and professional skills.

To work as part of a team in order to provide Disability Advocacy on a state and national level.

Link to National RCEA Website

To Learn More

Contact Laura Vitzthum- MRCEA President at

Contact Micah Olson- MRCEA Treasurer at

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