MRA Electronic Forms

MRA Client Assistance Fund Request Form

See details here: MRA Client Assistance Fund – Minnesota Rehabilitation Association (
This form can be used by any MRA Member requesting assistance on behalf of a client for employment related expenses

MRA Expense Reimbursement Request

This form is used to request reimbursement for mileage, expenses, and others from the MRA Board. This is most commonly used for MRA Program Committee members expenses for the conference.

MRA Membership Reimbursement Form

This form is used for any MRA Board Member (or others as indicated) to request membership reimbursement for any current promotions.

MRA Scholarship Request Form

This form is used for scholarship requests for NRA Governmental Affairs events, NRA Annual Conference, or local Governmental Affairs events. This form requires that you be in a leadership position within MRA, NRA, or any of its divisions.

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