September 29-October 1 2021

Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge, Deerwood, MN

MRA Annual Conference

For more than 50 years, MRA has held at least one conference per year to train professionals in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Whether it’s having thought leaders in the industry speak during keynotes, or sharing trending best practices in breakout sessions, MRA has the history and expertise to drive your career forward.

MRA Annual Conference is decorated with a new theme each year. In 2020, the conference was in celebration of the Rehabilitation Act’s 100 year anniversary.

When there isn’t a Pandemic going on, MRA Annual Conference is split across a 3 day period (2 half days and 1 full day). During these 3 days, there are opportunities to connect with other professionals in the field as well as vendors who are looking to conduct business with you.

MRA Annual Conference also has tracks that one could follow. For example, there may be a track for MASPRR, Pre-ETS, or Placement. Each track offers a unique recommended set of breakout sessions that will tailor to what you’re looking for in your professional development endeavors.

MRA Annual Conference has something for everyone! Whether you’ve been in the business for 40 years or just 4 months, you are bound to walk away with learning something valuable.

Stay tuned as the MRA Conference Team plans the next MRA Annual Conference for 2021!

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